Find The Right Turbo For You

Precision Turbo compressor covers ready

The choice of which Precision Turbo to buy can be overwhelming, and there are many different options available depending on what kind of power band you want to see. It helps to consider how much power you would like to be making overall. Check out our Australian range below. These are available in our dealers’ Australian warehouse, ready for local delivery.

Contact Australian Authorised Dealers Gas Racing and RotorMaster for their best price policy.

PT5558 CEA – 590hp
GEN2 PT5558 – 650hp
PT5858 CEA – 620hp
GEN2 PT5862 – 700hp
PT6262 – 705hp
GEN2 PT6062 – 750hp
PT6266 – 735hp
GEN2 PT6266 – 800hp
GEN2 PT6466 – 900hp
GEN2 PT6870 – 1100hp
PT7275 CEA – 1015hp
GEN2 PT6875 CEA – 1150hp
GEN2 PT7275 – 1200hp
PT7675 CEA – 1200hp
PT7675 GT42 STYLE – 1200hp
GEN2 PT7675 SPORTSMAN – 1300hp
PT7685 GT42 STYLE – 1250hp
GEN2 PT7685 SPORTSMAN – 1350hp
PT8284 – 1350hp
GEN2 PT8685 – 1400hp
PT8884 – 1475hp
PT91.5 – 1550hp
PT8891 – 1525hp
GEN2 PT8891 – 1600hp
GEN2 Pro Mod 88 – 1650hp
PT94 – 1725hp
GEN2 Pro Mod 91 – 1725hp
GEN2 Pro Mod 88 XPR – 1850hp
GEN2 Pro Mod 94 – 1875hp
PT98 – 1950hp
GEN2 Pro Mod 98 – 2000hp
GEN2 Pro Mod 102 – 2250hp
GEN2 PT118 – 2800hp
PT106 – 2500hp
PT118 – 2800hp
Mirror Image GEN2 PT6266 Turbochargers – 1600hp (combined)
Mirror Image GEN2 PT6466 Turbochargers – 1800hp (combined)
Mirror Image GEN2 PT7675 Turbochargers – 2600hp (combined)

Precision Turbo and Engine range available from: